Top Channel Live News: Was The Banksy Mural Accidentally Destroyed?

banksy-destroied-1There has been a situation where one of the famous murals by Banksy has been destroyed and it has actually left all of the local authorities curious as to what actually happened.

The mural, entitled Spy Booth, was made to depict three secret agents that are surrounding a phone booth using recording equipment. It made its appearance in April 2014 in Cheltenham, England on the wall of a house, just a short distance away from GCHQ, which happens to be the home of surveillance operations. It has been said according to top channel live that the mural was commentary by the British street artist on state surveillance. Although it was granted planning permission retrospectively by the Cheltenham County Council in 2015 to make its appearance on the building listed as a Grade II, the mural has been vandalized several times and now seems as though it has been destroyed completely.

The 19th century end of terrace property had been put on the market in January 2016 at $275,000, or £210,000 declared top channel live albania. More recently, tarpaulin and scaffolding had been erected all around the wall. Peeking out behind the covers, there was an image taken by Press Association showing the wall stripped all the way back to the original brick. It has remained unclear whether or not the work had been removed before hand or if it actually lies within the rubble. There is exposed brick on the side of a home on Fairview Road, which is adjacent to St. Anne’s Terrace in Cheltenham where there is a graffiti street art piece that is suspected to be a work of Banksy that has been completely removed.

banksy-mural-rtk-live-albaniaIt has been said according to this source: the work on the property had been conducted after receiving an urgent works notice. Officials have worked to protect Banksy work as much as they possibly can and the owner has also been informed to do so.

A series of photographs have been captured by French artist JR showing Israeli and Palestinian people that he had the chance to meet on travels throughout the Middle East back in 2005. Then, in 2007, he put all of these images across walls in both Israel and Palestine. However, there seems to be a great deal of damage that has occurred.

banksy-topchannelThere have been pieces left by the owner of the render attached to the Spy Booth mural by Banksy with the council during the time that the investigations are still underway. It has been advised that anyone should think twice before removing any further pieces from the location, as they could be charged criminally finished their daily podcast top channel.

Facts To Know About Tim Stafford Binary Trading – Professional Tips

Binary Trading - Professional TipsResearch has showed that more and more people are investing in binary trading or foreign currencies. This is because it is a great way to earn money and lots of it. However, the truth of the matter is that binary trading is risky. Many traders end up losing money and if you do not want to be one of them, then you should be prepared before opening a trading account.

The million dollar question is; how do you do this? Well, below are few tips that will help you make smart decisions before and during trading.

1. Having a Plan

A wise trader will have a plan in place before they open a binary account. Through such plans, a trader will be in a better position to understand what is happening, the losses they have inquired or the profits they have gained. Therefore, with a pre-set goal and objection, a trader will be in a better position to determine if binary trading is effective or not.

However, to be successful with your goals and objectives, you must double or triple check yourself before making any trade. Keep in mind that we are human beings and we are prone to making mistakes. Therefore, to avoid these simple mistakes, it is wise to double check everything.

2. Taking Advantage Of the Trading Margin

It is important to use carefully the trading margin if you want to protect your profits. The truth is that you can increase your profits tremendously with margin. At the same time, careless margin use can cost you a lot in terms of losses. Therefore, it is best to use margin when you are feeling comfortable in terms of financial position and at low risk for shortfall.

3. Taking Advantage Of Leverage

If you are looking to take advantage of leveraged financial trading, it is therefore wise to minimize your risk as much as possible. In many currency brokers will allow you to leverage as much as 400 times the amount of the money in your account. At the same time, this could be a very big problem if you encounter a loss. Therefore, as a beginner, you should consider limiting yourself to no more than a 10:1 leverage ratio.

4. Using A Protective Stop

It is wise not to place protective stops on round numbers. You should consider placing then below round numbers and for short position set above the round number. This technique helps in limiting risk and increasing the possibility of high profits in all your binary trades check out for info.

5. Patience

Patience is a virtue and quite important when it comes to binary trading. As such, if you do not have patience, then currency trading is not for you. It is also important to train yourself in tracking, analyzing and investing on long time positions.

Binary trading is a type of investment that does not require one to be over excited. This is because research has shown the many people tend to forget the risks involved and trade blindly. Therefore, if you make a profit, it is advisable to consider composing yourself first before continuing .

6. Taking Advantage Of Demo Accounts

There is no way you are going to be successful in binary by jumping onto a live account without practice. You will need to first learn and understand how binary trading works and the techniques you can use that work for you.


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How You Can Use Mobile Marketing to Increase Your Business and Profits

Mobile marketing is an exciting way to bring your business into the twenty-first century. There are so many ways to incorporate mobile marketing into your current marketing campaign. Mobile marketing can be challenging to a beginner; however, the following article can help you begin in this wonderful marketing opportunity. Continue reading to learn the best tactics to develop and maintain an effective mobile marketing campaign.


Depend on a variety of advertising methods to maximize your website’s exposure. You should use social media, mobile marketing, word of mouth and print campaigns to increase traffic to your website. By incorporating all of these marketing tactics together, you can help take your business to the next level.

Track your customer’s buying habits. The tracking information should include the time of the year it is, the products purchased, the adverting techniques you have been using and any other factor that could have spurned the sale. Use this information to help personalize messages to your customer base to help increase your profits. By taking the time to get to know what your customers are looking for and personalizing your messages, you can turn first-time customers into repeat customers.

Keep your messages simple. When you send a message do not attach files, such as photos, as this can increase a customer’s download times. Additionally, attaching files to text messages can cause them to use data, which can cost them money. Instead of using files, include a link in your message.

Make it simple to opt out of test messages. Keep the opt-out process simple by allowing your customers to remove themselves from your mobile marketing campaign using a simple code, such as STOP. By having an easy system to opt out, you can keep your customers happy. And, happy customers are paying customers.

If you have a company that offers different types of goods, you should separate your customers into groups who have similar interests. This will allow you to send messages to each group based on their interests, thus increasing the chance of a sale.

When creating ads for your mobile marketing campaign, ensure that the content can be used with the different types of mobile browsers. This will help ensure that all of your customers have access to your content. Your content should be able to be viewed on an Android device as well as an Apple device.

Although a mobile marketing campaign takes time to develop, it is a great way to increase your sales. You must develop a relationship with your customers so they feel comfortable clicking the links in your messages. This relationship does not happen overnight. You must consistently provide relevant information to all of your contacts to develop a trusting relationship.

Mobile marketing encompasses many different aspects. You must learn how to effectively advertise using this type of marketing campaign to keep your company relevant. Your customers want information that will improve their lives. Provide it to them using a thought out mobile marketing campaign. The information located above will help you get your message out to the masses.

What You Should Know About SEO

There are so many services that claim they can help get your site to the top of the search rankings in a short period of time, and you’d be wealthy if you had a dollar for every service that makes those claims. Don’t pay such services any attention and stay far away from them, and take care of your own search engine optimization. SEO isn’t that hard to do, especially if you implement the tips we are going to discuss in the rest of this article.

In order to get a higher rank, you want to help the web spiders out. Your site is constantly being crawled by the search engines, and they look for content and terms to figure out what your website is all about. Make the spiders’ jobs easier to do by creating a site map, as this will help the spiders understand what the site’s most important parts are.

You might be tempted to generate dynamic pages by using URL parameters, but only do this when you feel like you have no choice. If you do this, there is a chance that the search engines will not bother indexing the URL. Using parameters for data related to transactions is fine because search engines really don’t care about that, but other than this, don’t use URL parameters.

Getting a non-profit or an educational website to link to content on your website is something you should try to do. These types of websites tend to be favorably looked upon by Google and other search engines. If you want to get these kinds of sites to feature your website, then you will want to have relevant and accurate information, and your content should be high quality and it should provide those companies with some sort of benefit.

Relevant content is the best way to get more traffic to your site. If you do not offer your visitors relevant content, they will just leave. Also, your content should be useful and not outdated.

Many companies consider SEO to be a high priority, and this is because SEO can help a business grow. Include links to new info on your site, and these links can pointed to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Your links on social media sites can generate a lot of traffic to your site, and this can increase your customer base and you could end up generating more sales.

After you have optimized your website, make sure you submit your site to Google and other search engines. This will make search engines aware of your site and your content. You don’t want to put in a bunch of effort only to find out the search engines don’t even know your site exists. Spiders are used by many search engines, but it’s still a good idea to submit your site to the search engines.

Track collected data by using analytics. You will be able to look at a lot of useful data about the type of traffic you’re getting. Plus, you’ll find out where people are coming from and how much time they spend on your site, as well as what they are doing while they are on your website.

SEO doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s actually not that hard. It may take a bit of time before you get used to the ins and outs of SEO, but it does become easier. Before you know it, you’ll know what the search engines want and your site could end up being found by search engine users.