Top Channel Live News: Was The Banksy Mural Accidentally Destroyed?

banksy-destroied-1There has been a situation where one of the famous murals by Banksy has been destroyed and it has actually left all of the local authorities curious as to what actually happened.

The mural, entitled Spy Booth, was made to depict three secret agents that are surrounding a phone booth using recording equipment. It made its appearance in April 2014 in Cheltenham, England on the wall of a house, just a short distance away from GCHQ, which happens to be the home of surveillance operations. It has been said according to top channel live that the mural was commentary by the British street artist on state surveillance. Although it was granted planning permission retrospectively by the Cheltenham County Council in 2015 to make its appearance on the building listed as a Grade II, the mural has been vandalized several times and now seems as though it has been destroyed completely.

The 19th century end of terrace property had been put on the market in January 2016 at $275,000, or £210,000 declared top channel live albania. More recently, tarpaulin and scaffolding had been erected all around the wall. Peeking out behind the covers, there was an image taken by Press Association showing the wall stripped all the way back to the original brick. It has remained unclear whether or not the work had been removed before hand or if it actually lies within the rubble. There is exposed brick on the side of a home on Fairview Road, which is adjacent to St. Anne’s Terrace in Cheltenham where there is a graffiti street art piece that is suspected to be a work of Banksy that has been completely removed.

banksy-mural-rtk-live-albaniaIt has been said according to this source: the work on the property had been conducted after receiving an urgent works notice. Officials have worked to protect Banksy work as much as they possibly can and the owner has also been informed to do so.

A series of photographs have been captured by French artist JR showing Israeli and Palestinian people that he had the chance to meet on travels throughout the Middle East back in 2005. Then, in 2007, he put all of these images across walls in both Israel and Palestine. However, there seems to be a great deal of damage that has occurred.

banksy-topchannelThere have been pieces left by the owner of the render attached to the Spy Booth mural by Banksy with the council during the time that the investigations are still underway. It has been advised that anyone should think twice before removing any further pieces from the location, as they could be charged criminally finished their daily podcast top channel.