3 financial experts share elevator pitches


Three financial services companies offered innovative products at the Bank Customer Experience Summit, including a virtual assistant, an integrated credit platform, and a collaboration app.

Sometimes you only have five minutes to pitch. This is precisely the situation that panelists found themselves Chuck Hayes, National Director of Business Development, Array, Aayush Mediratta, VP of Solutions Engineering at Kore.ai and Matt Soroko, Senior Account Director at Moxtra. during the Discovery Hour panel at the Bank Customer Experience Summit, held in Chicago September 13-15.

Panelists had five minutes to share a pitch for their financial services product or solution, and five minutes for audience questions and answers, starting with Hayes.


Hayes showcased Array’s Financial Well-Being Protection Tool, which provides three main services: credit scores, identity protection, and integrated offerings so banks can deliver their products to customers within of their own ecosystems.

The Credit Department works with three bureaus to provide credit scores and details on that credit score to customers, while Identity Protection performs web monitoring, tokenized security, and up to $ 1 million. in catering insurance.

To show the importance of this service, Hayes spoke about his experience trying to find out what his credit rating was and why his credit rating was that number. The annual credit report was unable to provide the number and he could not find it on his banking app. He had to go to Credit Karma, which ran ads to other banks. Thus, Credit Karma would take business from the banks and sell it back to them.

With this service, banks can keep these customers on their platforms.


Mediratta’s service was a virtual assistant called BankAssist that can automate over 100 common banking questions with a voice interface. Banks can deploy all use cases or just a few at a time.

Banks can deploy the service in seven weeks without IT support. It can also provide 90% accuracy from day one.

Mediratta showed a demo of the service, which showed a man trying to transfer money between his accounts. The assistant was able to identify him by name and process several requests, including when he changed his mind about how much money he wanted to transfer.


Soroko introduced a banking collaboration tool called OneStop Client App. This application brings together all of a bank’s communication tools such as voice, messaging, document sharing and collaboration, electronic signature and more on a single platform.

With this tool, banks can eliminate the cumbersome nature of using up to five or more tools to talk to customers. It also eliminates the use of untrusted text and malicious apps.

The app offers a branded portal that banks can use to communicate directly with customers and all interactions are tracked through an e-paper trail.

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