ABS provides a single interface for compliance and maintenance systems


Secure APIs allow any maintenance system to integrate with the ABS MyFreedom â„¢ customer portal

Posted on November 11, 2021 at 8:00 AM by

The maritime executive

[By: ABS]

ABS customers can now connect their computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) directly to the ABS MyFreedom â„¢ customer portal, providing for the first time a single interface for investigation, compliance and maintenance reports, thus improving efficiency and reducing crew workload.

Integration provides credit for digital surveys, “providing a more conditions-based approach to supporting an efficient and streamlined on-board class experience. Integration has been fully implemented in ABS Nautical Systems® software and is open and available for any CMMS supplier.

“Through this integration, we can deliver an open and secure platform that seamlessly integrates security and compliance into day-to-day operations, leading to a digitally connected and more sustainable maritime future,” said Patrick Ryan, vice-president. Senior President of ABS, Global Engineering and Technology. “This will streamline the flow of data to optimize operations, better manage maintenance priorities, and simplify transactions between systems to improve condition monitoring and increase asset availability. “

Offering improved risk management, compliance and operational efficiency through better informed decision making, ABS MyFreedom offers total fleet monitoring, real-time investigation status, intelligent planning, investigation options remotely, including annual surveys with mobile capture and collaboration, streamlined access to data compliance, and timely fleet certification renewals.

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