Battlefield Portal BF3 weapons, BF2042 gameplay leak, screenshots revealed


With the big news yesterday that one particular player managed to access the Battlefield 2042 game client ahead of its official launch on November 19 (and early access on November 12), more information regarding Battlefield Portal and the game itself have surfaced. While the base game might only feature 22 weapons at launch, Battlefield Portal BF3’s weapon roster won’t be so limited and the entire arsenal of each class has been leaked!

Again, thanks to Aaronfrogger, check out the list of Battlefield Portal BF3 weapons players can DIY at launch!

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For some reason, the list of weapons available in Battlefield 3 in BF Portal dwarfs that of the main game, which is surprising to be honest. With that said, I expect Battlefield Portral to be part of every player’s regular rotation in Battlefield. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dive back into BF3, right?

For those who can’t wait and want to see more Battlefield 2042 gameplay, Aaronfrogger has hosted a ton of screens, gameplay clips, and more, on a Google Drive. We won’t be hosting any of that here on MP1st because we don’t want EA’s attack dogs inflicted on us.

The wait won’t be long now, as Early Access to Battlefield 2042 is slated for Friday, November 12 of the coming week! We’ll have more info on the game ahead of launch, so stay tuned.

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