Battlefield portal class specializations and weapon customization are mined


While many details were uncovered in the Battlefield 2042 beta released earlier this month, it looks like even information regarding the game’s upcoming Battlefield Portal mode / game has been included in the beta files as well! Battlefield Portal Class Specializations have now been confirmed to be available to Playlist Creators! There is also a handful of information regarding BF Portal weapon customization, which should appeal to Battlefield veterans.

Once again unearthed by the Temporary Battlefield Dataminer, check out the Battlefield Portal Class Specialization information unearthed!

For those who can’t wait to use Bad Company 2 (BC2) and Battlefield 3 (BF3) weapons, you’ll be happy to know that weapon accessories from both games have been spotted in the game files as well!

We always mention this for dataminated information, but it bears repeating that the above has been discovered and is by no means official. So don’t blame the temps or MP1st if they don’t make it into the end game.

In the more official Battlefield 2042 news, DICE confirmed that in-game destruction will be close to that of Battlefield V on “most maps”. Speaking of cards. be sure to check out the latest released gameplay where three new maps (Discarded, Renewal, Breakaway) are featured.

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