Benzinga Pro vs. Trading ideas: premium trading tools


  • Real-time news broadcast
  • Customizable workspaces
  • An incredible selection of stock scans
  • AI powered platform
  • Automated trading

When it comes to trading, you need the most reliable information to make informed decisions. Benzinga Pro and Trade Ideas are both premium trading tools that promise exceptional value for money. SEC study indicates that 70% of traders lose money all shifts.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to regular Modest Money readers, but by using the right tools, you can reduce your chances of incurring a loss. While none of these tools are inexpensive, which one offers the best value for your money?

Here’s everything you need to know about Benzinga Pro vs. Business ideas.

Introducing Benzinga Pro

Alert screens

The Benzinga brand was born in 2010. Its founder, Jason Raznick, quickly added the Benzinga Pro portal. This is a live stock trading news feed powered by Benzinga himself. Investors have access to company news, financial releases and even market rumors.

All news is broadcast in real time, with a squawk box available during trading hours. Our Benzinga Pro review praised that much of the news released is exclusive to the platform. This gives the merchants who use this service a major advantage over the competition.

The user-friendliness and technology used within this platform have made it an essential fundamental analysis tool for the average trader. Today, it receives 16 million unique visitors each month.

Whether you are a regular day trader or just trying to get a feel for how the market works, Benzinga Pro is for both types of investors.

Benzinga Pro details

The main advantage that Benzinga Pro offers is that it is an extremely easy to use platform. Its biggest feature is the ability to create preconfigured workspaces. In other words, you are in control of exactly what you see. Whatever your trading strategy, Benzinga Pro allows you to create a trading view that’s right for you.

The other big plus is that Benzinga Pro also offers a fully customizable news feed. Whether you want to learn more about a certain industry or are looking for recent publications on FDA approvals, your news feed can be tailored to suit your investment strategy.

In addition, Benzinga Pro has its own news team. Unlike other fundamental analysis platforms, you don’t rely on the press teams at Marketwatch or Yahoo! Finance.

Finally, one of its newer features is its stock filter. While simplistic by the standards of other platforms, this stock filter allows you to identify winners and losers in each story.

Benzinga Pro Fee

There are three levels of membership available at Benzinga. Benzinga Pro fees depend on the program you choose. If you want to test this trading tool, you can take advantage of the 14 day free trial.

Here are the three membership levels you can choose from:

  • Basic ($ 99 / month) – The most basic live news feed and watchlist alerts. Most features are not available with this plan.
  • Essential ($ 249 / month) – Take your trading to the next level with the most advanced news feed, desktop chat, personal account management and squawk box.
  • Company (Unknown / month) – The business plan is aimed at investment firms and all prices are personalized.

Benzinga Pro

There are three levels of membership available at Benzinga. Benzinga Pro fees depend on the program you choose. If you want to test this trading tool, you can take advantage of the 14 day free trial.

  • Exclusive news
  • Real-time news broadcast
  • Customizable workspaces

Benzinga Pro Disadvantages

To learn more about the Benzinga Pro platform, read our full Benzinga Pro review now.

Overview of business ideas

Automation of trading with business ideas

Trade Ideas approaches day trading differently. Rather than focusing on fundamental analysis in the same way as Benzinga Pro, it is an advanced stock analysis tool incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to find profitable trades.

The platform was developed by David Aferiat, Dan Mirkin and Philip Smolen in 2003. This makes it one of the oldest trading tools available commercially.

The fact that it remains the platform of choice for millions of traders around the world shows that Trade Ideas has worked to keep up with the changing demands of the market and retail investors.

With an incredible amount of features in its scans, chat room, and commitment to education, doing intra-day transactions has never been easier with Trade Ideas.

Compared to Benzinga Pro, Trade Ideas far outperforms Benzinga Pro in areas where there is overlap.

Details of business ideas

The main difference in the Benzinga Pro vs. Trade Ideas debate is that the latter targets trading differently. While Benzinga focuses more on fundamental analysis, Trade Ideas focuses on technical analysis.

Its AI-powered platform runs hundreds of analytics to help you make better transactions. There are also several forecasting tools to help you predict where a stock might go in the future. The Oddsmaker, in particular, is the revolutionary tool that allows more investors to make money.

It also comes with an automated trading platform, so you can trade with Trade Ideas. This contrasts with Benzinga Pro, which does not offer any form of automated trading.

Although Benzinga has a stock filter, it cannot compete with Trade Ideas at any level. The advancements made to the platform’s long-standing filter are unmatched by any of its current competitors.

Business idea costs

Trade Ideas offers a simple two-tier subscription. These two plans include:

  • Standard ($ 118 / month) – Comes with 10 charts, 10 price alerts and sales support.
  • Premium ($ 228 / month) – 20 charts, 20 price alerts, access to Holly Grail (the platform’s native roboadvisor) and Brokerage Plus.

There isn’t much of a difference in the fees charged by either platform. However, even the standard Trade Ideas plan is worth trying. The same cannot be said of the Benzinga Pro launch membership package.

Business ideas

  • An incredible selection of stock scans
  • AI powered platform
  • Automated trading

Disadvantages of business ideas

  • Limited graphical indicators
  • High price

Find out more about the features of Trade Idea and read our full Trade Ideas review now.

Benzinga Pro vs Trade Ideas: Comparison

Stock filtering, charting, automated trading

Filtering of actions and market news

$ 99 / month (basic); $ 249 / month (Essential); Company (Custom)

Standard ($ 118 / month); Premium (228 / month)

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Benzinga Pro vs. Business ideas: which one is right for you?

Truth be told, investors can get a subscription with both. Benzinga Pro is second to none when it comes to the quality of its fundamental analysis, while Trade Ideas is clearly the winner of technical analysis.

For a good stock reviewer, it’s clear that Trade Ideas offers a far superior product. The fact that they offer automated trading is another great advantage. On the other hand, Benzinga Pro’s approach to personalized workspaces is a big plus for investors.

When it comes to fees, there is little choice between them. Both platforms offer similar fee structures. Overall, the first level membership offers a lot more than Trade Ideas, with Benzinga Pro’s introductory level lacking in features.

If you want to create an account with Benzinga Pro for market news and create an account with Trade Ideas for very accurate stock selection and forecasting, this is the perfect combination for the serious investor.

Each platform offers something different:

  • Benzinga Pro is ideal for those who need a cutting edge approach to market news. For active investors, or those looking to invest for the long term, this is the ideal platform.
  • Business ideas is best for those who want to make better intra-day transactions. The quality of the technical tools here is exactly what day traders are looking for.

While both platforms have their strengths, the right tool for you will depend on your investing style and current needs.

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