Beveron Technologies wins the “LegalTech Innovation” award from the DJMC Group, Dubai


Brijesh Chedayan, CEO of Beveron receives award for best LegalTech innovation from DJMC managers
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Beveron Smart Lawyer Office’s initiative to provide world-class legal technology solutions has won the “Best Legal Technology Innovation” award from Dubai Media City-based DJMC Group. David John, CEO of DJMC, said the award was recognition of Beveron’s initiative to create comprehensive legal technology solutions that allow legal practitioners to tailor their skills and futuristic challenges. Beveron, based in Dubai Business Bay, focuses on the digitization and automation of law firms, in-house legal advisers, debt collection and intellectual property sectors in the Middle East region. Brijesh Chedayan, CEO of Beveron, expressed his joy at winning the award in recognition of their efforts to transform the region’s traditionally mainstream legal sector to another level. Beveron has already been honored with the award for the best Legaltech startup company in the United Arab Emirates.

As the entire business world moved behind the scenes of technology, the automation of the legal industry in the region was limited to email and word processors until recent years. New technologies are increasingly disruptive, and not just for lawyers. In order to provide legal services with a better customer experience, law firms and legal services must adapt to new technological developments. In order to fill this important gap, Beveron’s management team, made up of well-experienced legal technology professionals, reflected on the challenges and presented numerous legal technology products designed to make modern law firms the best service. in the digital age.

The Smart Lawyer Office Suite was designed by legal technology professionals who understand the challenges legal professionals face in terms of all phases of running a law firm. It allows law firms to fully manage their cases, regardless of their complexity or volume. Smart Lawyer Office clients can store, track, manage, categorize case and document information, and communicate in a way that allows them the highest level of ease, and its wide range of reports provides law firms with lawyers the tools to effectively manage their practices.

The web-based legal technology platform known as the Smart Lawyer Office is a centralized, automated and secure electronic platform that contains important details of case law including documents, reports, schedules, invoices. , task lists, receipts and relevant legal accounts.

The Smart Lawyer Office platform offers a modern approach to the legal support of clients with a client portal that allows for exchanging documents, requesting KYC via a web questionnaire, collaborating and keeping abreast of the progress of the case.

Financial management is another key area for legal offices. Integrated legal accounting software with case management ensures legal firm financial data is accurate and centralized. Legal processes and model-based contracts make the day-to-day life of a legal professional easier.

The Smart Lawyer Office version for in-house counsel enables automation with workflows to speed up business and reduce administrative tasks with more delegation options. A smart solution for legal services manages all legal matters, contracts, knowledge, contacts and legal processes in one connected system.

The case management platform is designed to operate and provide support across multiple platforms. The combination has excellent automation capabilities that automatically drive all tasks and provide personalized workflow processes that can be easily followed.

The Smart Lawyer Office combination comes with different versions that suit different ranges of business budget and functionality. The starter version is designed for small law firms while the professional edition is intended for mid-sized law firms. The Enterprise edition is intended for large law firms with many advanced features. This web-based solution can be implemented on-premise or on a private cloud account.

Beveron is expanding its solution to another related challenging business area, debt collection, where automation simplifies debt collection processes, allowing businesses to streamline all associated follow-ups, settlements and legal proceedings. The automation of debt collection reduces operational costs and optimizes collection techniques to ensure the success of their collection process. The Debt Collection Platform caters to the debt collection needs of businesses, banks, individuals, courts and government departments.

In addition to providing legal software products, Beveron is also extending its legal technology advisory support to law firms and legal departments to transform the way they do business with advancements in technology.

“I believe Beveron Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of legal solutions that ticks all the boxes for today’s business needs and facilitates the adoption of digital transformation. We are also expanding into other regions by expanding legaltech solutions solutions for legal professionals around the world in a cost effective manner. This recognition of legaltech innovation will certainly boost our energy journey ”.

In response to this recognition, Mr. Brijesh Chedayan, CEO of Beveron Technologies, thanked his esteemed legal clients who are passionate about technological advancements.

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