Boca Computer recovers and restores lost customer data, prevents catastrophic operational losses


Boca Computer’s emergency services included remote recovery, customer training, software auditing and referrals.

Any business can be attacked, sometimes it only takes one person to accidentally click on a malicious link in an email “

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BOCA RATON, FL, USA, October 5, 2021 / – Potentially destructive data loss for Portuguese manufacturing company Pearlmaster was prevented, thanks to the extensive knowledge and quick action of management remote computing from Boca Computer team.

The problem started when Cloud Downey, Pearlmaster’s US sales representative based in Florida, encountered a seemingly minor computer glitch: his Microsoft Outlook program had crashed. When he tried to reopen it, however, he was horrified to find that all of his data, including all contact information for the company’s US customers and prospects and past and future appointments and tasks, was gone. , as well as their own personal settings. Instead, when Outlook opened, it prompted it to create a new profile.

Downey immediately called Microsoft, hoping they could help him restore his years of lost data. But since he had not backed up his data to the cloud, Microsoft did not have access to it. And while the Microsoft team could access their computer remotely to find locally stored data, Downey was using Outlook on a Mac, an operating system the Microsoft team was not equipped to navigate. Calling Apple for help resulted in a similar roadblock: While the Apple team was able to find their data, they were unsure how to restore it to its proper location in Outlook.

That’s when Downey called Boca Computer. “Apple and Microsoft don’t talk to each other, but we can operate in both worlds,” said Bruno Guimaraes of Boca Computer. “So we were able to find the files, back them up and restore them. “

Better yet, added Guimaraes, Boca Computer’s remote management capabilities allowed his team to resolve Downey’s issue remotely, without setting foot in his office.

But Boca Computer’s services don’t stop there. Guimaraes worked with Downey to help him understand the cause of the crash and find a better way for him to store and manage critical customer data. “Now he knows the system is unreliable: it was an old version of Outlook and it had more data than it could handle. It was a combination of things that overwhelmed the program. After reviewing Downey’s system and data requirements, Guimaraes recommended that it switch to Close, a platform specifically designed to manage customer contacts and leads.

Guimaraes stressed that knowledgeable IT support is more essential than ever, not only to deal with data loss or software failure issues, but for protection against the growing risk of ransomware and other cyber attacks, such as recent attack on the main meat packer JBS USA, which destroyed the company’s American and Australian servers, and the ransomware attack which shut down the colonial pipeline and cut off gas supplies to much of the south -is from the United States link in an email, ”he said. “This means it’s important for businesses to understand the risks and to have a partner who understands all of their systems so they can get back online quickly if something happens. “

Another Boca Computer customer, Deborah Roos, owner of Roos International, agrees. Last year, she discovered that a fraudulent web domain was impersonating her site and sending bogus invoices to her customers. Even though the problem was with her client’s hacked network, not hers, Boca Computer helped her take the impostor’s domain offline within a day. “They are amazing, I would be lost without them,” she said.

Boca Raton-based managed IT service provider, Boca Computer provides 24/7 remote and on-site IT support to businesses across Florida. Boca Computer has built its reputation on proactive solutions, including managed services, cloud solutions, network support, and security and business continuity solutions, all delivered with exceptional customer service in mind.

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