Education headquarters too large to also sit on Selectmen’s board of directors


I just reviewed the Education Council roundtable and am concerned about the potential conflict of interest Ms. Shoemaker noted she might face. Although this is a long shot, she may be elected both as a chosen person and as a returning member of the Board of Education.

Ms Shoemaker, if elected as a chosen person, noted that she would recuse herself from voting (and I guess discussions, otherwise it would be awkward) on the district budget.

The district budget is literally 4-5 months of discussion and an important topic on every agenda, which also encompasses all matters referred to the education council’s facilities and finance committee with cross-membership on the boards of education. Lyme and Old Lyme finances.

In addition to creating a potential tie-breaking situation, more importantly, an additional member of our communities could be fully engaged in an active and present voice rather than staying out of the vast majority of the discussions.
I have learned a lot from Ms. Shoemaker’s teaching career and her experience on the Board of Education, but there are many other deserving volunteers. If she manages to win both positions, I hope Ms. Shoemaker picks one up and we do her best.

Jennifer miller
Old Lyme, Connecticut

Miller is a Republican member of the Lyme-Old Lyme Board of Education

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