Fragrance makers applaud adoption of bipartite infrastructure framework


The association is committed to continuing to partner with administration, Congress and other officials to advance world-class infrastructure and a sustainable economy.

WASHINGTON, November 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Fragrance Creators Association President and CEO Farah K. Ahmed issued the following statement after the passage of the Law on Investments and Jobs in infrastructure, HR 3684:

Fragrance Creators applauds the adoption of this infrastructure framework. We recognize Congress and the administration for their investment in our country’s supply chain and in building a sustainable economy.

As a pioneer in green chemistry, upcycling, and ethical sourcing, the fragrance industry appreciates that Congress and the Administration have prioritized investing in sustainable U.S. infrastructure. Because the success of the perfume industry depends on a healthy planet, for decades we have been investing in science, innovation and understanding the deep connection between nature and science. Therefore, we understand the importance of developing the industry while ensuring that human, community and environmental needs are integrated in a fair and responsible manner.

The investments in US ports and airports included in this bill are essential to alleviating some of the supply chain challenges facing our industry. Fragrance Creators remains committed to engaging with administration, Congress, including the Congressional Fragrance Caucus– and with national and local authorities to continue to tackle supply chain disruption and advance the country’s growth – for people, fragrances and the planet. “


Fragrance Creators Association is the premier fragrance trade association. The organization relies on its network of more than 1,000 multidisciplinary scientists as it represents the majority of fragrance manufacturing in the United States and Canada on a wide range of issues. The diverse members of Fragrance Creators include innovative companies that create, manufacture and use fragrances and fragrances for home care, personal care, interior design, fine perfumery, and industrial and institutional products as well as those that provide perfumery ingredients, including natural extracts and other raw materials used in perfumery and perfume blends. Fragrance Creators established and operates the Congressional Fragrance Caucus, ensuring an ongoing dialogue with members of Congress and staff. The association also produces The Conservatory of Perfumes, the comprehensive digital resource for high quality fragrance information. Learn more about the creators of perfumes on—For people, scent and the planet.

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