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MILWAUKEE (AP) – A survey of Midwestern farm bankers found Wisconsin farmland values ​​rose 10% from the same period in 2020. Farm appraiser says rising land values ​​are due to high commodity prices and demand from non-agricultural buyers. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago interviewed 151 bankers in their district, which includes Iowa and parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Compared to the third quarter of 2020, bankers reported that the value of land increased by 18%.

CHICAGO (AP) – Winter is fast approaching, but experts say the Great Lakes have failed to get the message. The Chicago Tribune reports that the summer and fall evenings haven’t cooled down enough. The surface temperatures of the Great Lakes therefore tend to be above average. This is an example of climate change. Record-breaking or near-record heat waves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and Illinois created a domino effect. Warmer lake temperatures can produce more lake-effect snow. The snow decreases with the appearance of ice, itself delayed. Ice helps discourage erosion of shorelines. And warmer water temperatures year-round can invite invasive species or harmful algal blooms, even in waters as deep as those of the Great Lakes.

KENOSHA, Wisconsin (AP) – Wisconsin prosecutors have filed multiple charges against an Illinois man charged with drunk driving and causing a head-on collision last month. The Kenosha News reported on Friday that Jose Medina Dominguez, 32, of Waukegan, had been charged with the offenses of attempting to escape an officer, reckless endangerment and hit and run causing injury as well as obstruction of a misdemeanor and drunk driving for the first time. According to the criminal complaint, police in Pleasant Prairie saw Medina Domnguez run a red light on October 9. When they tried to stop it, it accelerated to 80 mph in a 45 mph zone and eventually crashed into another vehicle. The driver of this vehicle refused to be taken to hospital.

MILWAUKEE (AP) – One of the largest office buildings in downtown Milwaukee has been sold. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a subsidiary of the New York-based RMC Group purchased the 22-story Chase Tower for $ 34.25 million. A Michigan-based subsidiary of Farbman Group sold the building after buying it for $ 30.5 million in 2016. The building was built in 1962 and was originally known as Marine Plaza. The 477,772 square foot structure has 88,223 square feet of office space available for rent. This equates to a vacancy rate of 18.5%. Chase Bank serves as the primary tenant. The RMC Group purchased the 14-story 330 Kilbourn building in downtown Milwaukee earlier this year for an undisclosed price.

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