Neo-Nazi group disfigures George Floyd statue in New York City | Racism News



The far-right American Patriot Front cell inscribed its name on the monument to the black man murdered by the police.

A statue of George Floyd was disfigured and branded with the name of a neo-Nazi group in New York City, police say, less than a week after it was unveiled.

Police said the nearly two-meter-tall monument honoring the 46-year-old black man murdered by a police officer in May last year was found covered in paint on Thursday morning.

The inscription was from the far-right United States cell, the Patriot Front, which also allegedly vandalized another tribute to Floyd in neighboring New Jersey.

Authorities released a video showing four people, one of whom was holding a can of spray paint, near the crime scene in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood.


The degradations came ahead of Friday’s conviction of Derek Chauvin, the 45-year-old officer whose murder of Floyd sparked the biggest racial justice protests in decades in the United States.

New York Police said they were investigating the attack on the monument.

“I’m going to be absolutely clear with the neo-Nazi group that did this: get out of our state,” tweeted New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, adding that specialized state police officers would offer to help the investigation.

“We are going to bring these cowards to justice,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio commented on Twitter.

The wooden statue – made by artist Chris Carnabuci – was inaugurated on Saturday in the presence of Terrence Floyd, George’s brother.

Late Wednesday or early Thursday, another statue of Floyd outside City Hall in Newark, New Jersey, was also covered in paint.

According to the news site, the inscription “Patriot Front” was also discovered there, before the bronze statue was immediately cleaned.

Newark Police have launched an investigation.

Minnesota law provides a minimum sentence of 12.5 years for Chauvin, who has been jailed since his conviction on three counts of murder and manslaughter two months ago.

But the prosecution cited Chauvin’s “particularly cruel” behavior and called for a maximum sentence of 30 years.


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