No more “blind spots” with HomeSmart Client


As the real estate transaction becomes more and more technological, buyers and sellers of homes have more and more choices of platforms, applications, systems and sites.

And it can get overwhelming very quickly.

HomeSmart Agents seek to serve customers and take the chaos and confusion out of finding, offering, financing and closing the buying and selling of a home. That’s why the new HomeSmart Client app is something to celebrate. This is a new addition to the HomeSmart technology suite which includes RealSmart Agent and RealSmart Broker.

One app for all aspects of real estate

Agents and customers can use everything from emails and texts to portal sites and electronic signature tools to share information, view lists, submit offers and send documents. But with HomeSmart Client, everyone only needs one app for travel, especially as HomeSmart continues to roll out new features that streamline communication and collaboration:

  • Find and share ads
  • Check the home valuation
  • Request and manage the posting calendar
  • Submit and monitor bids to buy – coming soon
  • Organize the loan and closing documents
  • Get real-time status updates on the transaction

“Our technology offering has evolved into a more integrated experience for the consumer and their agent,” said Matt Widdows, CEO and Founder of HomeSmart. “By providing buyers and sellers with more visibility and interaction within the real estate transaction itself, as well as integrations with mortgage, title and escrow, we believe we can continue to develop the technology to manage customer relations and accelerate transactions. This should create a more seamless experience and increase customer satisfaction. “

No more need to hear: “Where are we on this? “

While finding accommodation and making offers are important parts of the journey, the real work begins when the offer has been accepted. And that’s often when the transaction goes into a black box, with little to no visibility for the buyer or seller.

HomeSmart Client changes that, with transparency of mortgage and title status and third-party integrations to create an even more complete experience within the app.

“The collective goal of our agents is to help their clients find their dream home, but it’s hard to see the stress they are under on the way to closure,” said Shawn Brown, Product Manager at HomeSmart. “HomeSmart Client is changing that: now buyers and sellers know what’s going on, when and are much more confident when they get to the closing table! “

Stay ahead with a successful experience

The agent’s job is to help guide his client through the transaction. And the hallmark of success is helping reduce friction and stress every step of the way. But the relationship doesn’t have to end there. The HomeSmart Client app is a way to stay present and valuable, reminding your client that you are the trusted advisor they can refer to and come back to for business.

Learn more about HomeSmart’s RealSmart Agent and other elements of the industry-leading HomeSmart platform.

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