Poland’s most powerful man rules out leaving EU country


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Poland has no plans to leave the European Union, said the country’s de facto leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

“Anyone who is sane in politics cannot strive to change” Poland’s status as a member of the EU, Kaczynski told RMF FM radio in an interview. “Polexit is fake news used by the opposition.”

His clarification comes following a decision by Poland’s highest body that challenged the bloc’s legislative primacy and sparked criticism that the ruling Law & Justice party is leading the nation towards a possible exit.

The judgment was aimed at asserting Poland’s sovereignty, Kaczynski said, adding that he himself supports EU membership, as do the majority of the country’s population. It is a “guarantee” that Poland will remain its share, he said.

Tensions between Poland and the EU have reached a new high since the decision. Netherlands demanded € 36 billion ($ 41.8 billion) in stimulus aid withheld as European Parliament seeks pressure on European Commission to act against Poland .

The Commission, the EU’s executive body, has already delayed assessing Poland’s demand for stimulus funds and is still deciding whether, and when, to release the money.

Poland will get the money “sooner or later,” Kaczynski said in the interview, saying it is being used as leverage to negotiate against the nation. “Fear is the worst political advisor. “

He also confirmed his intention to let the government focus on preparing the party for the next general election.

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