TAS United of Lubbock celebrates return to power with meal for the homeless


Dozens of homeless people from downtown Lubbock flocked to the TAS United building to enjoy free food and drinks as part of the celebration of the company’s return to the office.

As COVID-19 cases decline across the country, TAS United is reopening at 1503 Ave. J to employees who have worked remotely for almost 16 months, according to a press release from the company.

To celebrate the company’s return to its building in the heart of Lubbock, the company has grilled burgers and hot dogs in the parking lot to share with less fortunate members of the surrounding area.

TAS United organized the event in conjunction with the Salvation Army Lubbock and provided a meal and water to neighbors in need.

“It has been an incredibly difficult two years for Lubbock, including a pandemic and a once-in-a-lifetime winter storm,” said TAS United President Kevin Ryan. “Our homeless have gone through the worst. As we returned to work inside our call center, we wanted to give back to our neighbors by inviting them to our “welcome” celebration. We are delighted to be here with our community! “

Dan Kilday, director of sales and customer engagement for TAS United, said he wanted to celebrate his return to the office by cooking.

“We’ve been gone 18 months, so we wanted to celebrate our return to the building, but we also wanted to welcome our homeless neighbors to enjoy with us,” Kilday said. “We are right here in the middle of Lubbock and unfortunately there is a large homeless population that is here with us. We work, we breathe, we live, laugh and love here with them, so it is natural for us to invite them and it really is the least we can do.

Martin Hernandez, a 45-year-old man from Lubbock who attended the party, said he appreciated TAS United for their generosity.

“It’s good that they’re doing that here in Lubbock,” Hernandez said. “They were really nice and I appreciate it. They are really nice. I told them Wienerschnitzel and Whataburger had no **** on them, excuse my French. All I could give were good words.

TAS United is a Texas-based answering service that provides live and automated call processing solutions to our medical and commercial professional customers across the United States. Operating from a personalized technology platform supported by trained bilingual agents, TAS United operates a highly personalized and secure call center for our customers 24/7/365.

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