Tong Lee Huat Pte Ltd (TLH) of Singapore Embraces Digital Transformation by Partnering with HokuApps to Automate End-to-End Business Operations

Together, they will build a fully integrated software solution, uniquely customized to TLH’s ecosystem, that will address internal and external challenges by digitizing their day-to-day business functions and processes.

SINGAPORE, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – HokuApps, a global leader in next-generation digital transformation solutions, is delighted to announce that it has been selected as a strategic technology partner by Tong Lee Huat Pte Ltd (TLH), a leading supplier and full spectrum service provider for the shipping of freight containers in Singapore and beyond. As part of this strategic partnership, Tong Lee Huat will leverage HokuApps’ application development platform to create an integrated operations management system. This one-stop-shop solution will be tailor-made to accelerate the company’s digital transformation initiatives by automating all day-to-day manual operations and labor-intensive processes. New digitization capabilities will help reduce administrative overheads, enable rapid scalability of operations, improve customer experience, and increase long-term revenue.

Pliers Lee huat (TLH), aka Tong Containers, is the leading freight container shipping provider in Singapore, and their business extends beyond the local shores. The services provided by TLH are not limited to the sale and rental of ocean freight containers. It is a full range of services covering freight container repairs, maintenance of container standards, supply of container parts and inspection of freight containers. Founded in 1999, Tong Containers has enjoyed wide support from major industry players and regular customers. From humble beginnings with just 10 employees, THL is one of the largest companies in the industry today, providing customers with all aspects of the container trade and the support services needed to maintain their shipping operations. moving. They have experience in providing repair and investigation services for shipping companies such as Maersk, MOL, Cosco containers, Wan hai, ZLine and leasing lines like TAL, Gold Containers, Florens, etc. TLH has also ventured into the import and export of materials and continues to grow with a workforce of over a hundred today.

HokuApps will work closely with Tong Lee Huat to create a sales and rental management system that will automate manual workflows. This integrated platform will serve as a centralized system for customer inquiries and inquiries, billing and payment tracking, and inventory management, allowing TLH to manage multiple systems on a single unified platform. This unified platform will have a complete mobile application for TLH customers and a dedicated administration console for their internal team. The customer application will allow customers to make inquiries and inquiries regarding the purchase and rental of containers, record and maintain container rental information, view generated quotes, view invoices in depending on the container rental period, track payments made, and receive real-time alerts and notifications on order updates, new quotes received, overdue invoices and payment updates. On the other hand, the main web application will allow administrators to track purchase orders sent to suppliers, keep payment records and reconcile invoices, manage inventory of containers, spares and supplies. and monitor dashboard metrics. With this simple, device-independent application designed by HokuApps, TLH aims to streamline the inbound and outbound processing of goods, improving storage efficiency and perfectly aligning the supply of all inventory with demand levels.

“After evaluating multiple technology vendors, we ultimately chose HokuApps because of their substantial ability to improve our internal workflows, digitally transform business processes at high speed, and deliver the kinds of improvements and innovations that exist. based on our specific business needs. ” noted Leon Koh, director at Tong Lee Huat. “With HokuApps, we are able to bring innovation to the fore. We can easily integrate core systems, develop new workflows, and deliver much better experiences to our customers and internal team. “

“We are very committed to quickly commissioning key functional workflows for TLH to accelerate digitization and help them migrate from their manual and labor-intensive legacy systems to a single platform. fully digitized ‘ noted Arif Gafar, Sales Manager at HokuApps. “We are confident that we would be able to strengthen TLH’s presence in the world to become the number one preferred supplier for freight container shipping through the provision of our applications that will help their scalability. operations. “

About HokuApps:

HokuApps is the rapidly growing application development platform that enables organizations to develop innovative technology solutions incredibly quickly. With a state-of-the-art automated development engine, HokuApps can create custom solutions for any part and any size of business 10 times faster and at a fraction of the cost. This technology platform has enhanced mobile and data integration capabilities to enable businesses to rapidly deploy mobile and web applications. HokuApps empowers organizations to launch their digital transformation journey to better engage with customers, partners and employees.


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